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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Galen Marek vs. Atrocitus: The Edges

The Edges:

                 An alternative theme for Galen. The tone of the music and some of Galen and Ike's   
       similarities seemed just about right for me to include this.

                             An alternative theme for Atrocitus. The violence and pain in the song seem to go pretty well with the leader of the Red Lanterns.

With both Galen Mareks' and Atrocitus' Warroir bios being completed, it is now time to decided which warrior gets the l 'edge' or advantage in each category:

Long Range: Force Grip vs. Energy Projection

Galen's long range attack gives him two great advantages over Atrocitus. First, it is one of his only powers that can neutralize his opponents flight abilities, and second it is undodgable for the most part. Once in the Grip, Atrocitus is helpless unless he can somehow break free or distract Galen in someway to release him. Galen would want to use this power early in the fight to get Atrocitus down to the ground where he (Galen) is more suited fighting. Even a well placed Crush or Choke might take Atrocitus out pretty early.

That said, Atrocitus' Energy Projection is going to be Galen's biggest problem in the fight. Though it is easier to see coming and dodge it, the punch it packs is very deadly to Galen, with a single shot being lethal. As well, Atrocitus can use it at multiple ranges as well, giving Galen even less of chance to evade. Force projection might stop a beam at long range, but unless Galen can Foresight, anything shot at less than 20 ft. would be too fast for him to react.

Looking at what both powers can do to each, Atrocitus wouldn't be to bad off without his use of flight if Galen grounded him, plus he could shrug off a Choke unless Galen draws from the Dark Side more, which wouldn't be something he would do early in the fight. While Atrocitus would want to prolong the fight to a degree, he wouldn't sigh away from killing Galen off early  on.

Given each warriors power and how they would yield them, I give the edge to Atrocitus' Energy Projection.

Edge: Energy Projection 

Medium Range: Lightsabre Throw vs. Rage Plasma

Neither of these attacks would be effective against each opposing warrior. The lightsabre throw might work the first time if Galen can catch AT off guard or hold him prone with the Grip, but AT wouldn't be fouled again and would aim to destroy the sabre in mid-throw. The Rage Plasma is more random, slightly less predicable, and would probably be countered by Galen pretty easy, even being sent back at AT using Force Throw.

The only warrior with a true disadvantage here in Marek, who would lose his most powerful weapon if he uses this ability improperly. That said, it's still an overall better attack than the Rage Plasma, so I would call both attacks even in the long run.

Edge: Neither 

Close Range: Lightsabre vs. Claws

It's quite easy to see Galen with a landslide victory here, given that he's been training to master one weapon his entire life and has outmatch some of the finest duellist in his realm. Atrocitus still has some counters to GM lightsabre though. The sabre wouldn't be able to get through his shields or barriers, plus he can spawn his own 'lightsword' to counter such a threat. Still, close range is somewhere AT does NOT want to be in. A few swipe with his claws could leave GM hindered enough for a finishing blow, but this would only happen rarely as Galen would just dominate up close with AT.

While the Red Lantern might be able to hold his own for a few moments, Galen defiantly gets a strong close range edge with a weapon that would leave AT in pieces.

Edge: Lightsabre

Special Attacks: Force Powers vs. Constructs

To simplify things, I've grouped each warriors powers into two groups that represent different aspects of these style attacks.

Holds: GM (Force Pull, Force Choke, Force Crush)  AT (Chains)

Galen's use of holds will vary, as he might use them passively to retrieve his sabre, or more aggressively to hold AT down. The Choke and the Crush he would use, but not to the lethal effect of a Dark user. AT's use of the chains would also be used more of a ways to torture GM that to kill, though they defiantly would be able to crush him.

I give Galen the edge in holds simply because of his versatility with them.

Mini Edge: Galen

Attacks: GM (Force Push, Force Throw, Force Repulse, Force Lighting) AT (Whip, Fist, Hammer, Thrown Objects, Blade, Misc.)

In this section, almost none of Galen's powers would be enough to kill AT instantly, save a powerful shot of Lighting. The Push, Throw, and Repulse would be enough to slow him down, but not enough to kill him. AT's Whip, Fist, and Hammer would all be lethal if they hit, unless Galen can block or dodge in time. Thrown objects would be more of a toss up between the two, though I can see Galen being able to control more things than AT can. The Blade could counter the Lightsabre, though would probably lead to AT's doom if he chooses it early on. 

The biggest factor is who can be most creative and devastating in their attacks. AT would probably stick to the attacks he feels deals the most damage, while Galen might play around more with the Force to find an appropriate counter to AT. Under these circumstances, I would give both warriors a mini edge here, seeing that they can both use their powers to the upmost ability. 

Mini Edge: Both!

Overall Edge: A very hard thing to decide. AT has more devastating attacks, though is less prone to use a variety of constructions. Galen's powers are more passive and more tactical, though could be limited to what he has at hand. Neither one are easy to block or counter, and both can be exchanged at the same range and rate.

Taking everything into account, I would give the slightest edge to Galen, on the account that he'll use his powers more often and to full extent than AT.

Edge: Force Powers





Regenerative Powers:

Misc Abilities:





Terrain Manipulation:


Voting Bonus:

Poll Vote= 0.5 points

Basic Vote (simple explanation in comments)= 1 point

Full Vote (detailed explanation in comments)= 2 points

Friday, 4 May 2012

Warrior Bio: Atrocitus

Offensive Completed!

Bio Intro:

The symbol of the Red Lantern Corp.
A sign of death to all those that cross it
Colour Scheme: Red, Black, Silver

Red represents nearly everything that is too Atrocitus. Rage, vengeance, death, violence, anger,and fear are the very substances that Atrocitus is made of. He has traveled across entire galaxies spreading the crimson colour as a banner of destruction. His entire attire and cult of following bears the dreaded shade. It is his source of power and his entire being. Without it, he is nothing. With it, he leaves behind nothing... but death.

Black represents the evil and corruption of what was once Atrocitus' heart. Behind the furry powers of his ring lies a cold, dark figure, hell bent on vengeance and obtaining ultimate power for himself. Few can understand what leaks in the evil of Atrocitus soul, save for a few of his follows, and possibly his victims (if the two aren't the same). This immense mindset is what cheeps the powers of rage from turning Atrocitus into a mindless brute.

Silver represents the pure skills and powers that Atrocitus wields, regardless of his power source and mind frame. Atrocitus rose from what was nothing to become one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. He created a Corp. of power ring users, which spread death and destruction where ever they went. His leadership and generalship skills aided him the the thick and through, and such feats are to large not to be recognise. 

Atrocitus: Your worst nightmare

"With blood and rage of crimson red, ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, together with our hellish hate, we'll burn you all, that is your Fate!" 

                                                                                            Motto of the Red Lantern Corp


Long Range: Energy Projection

Not the best picture, but it does display
an attack similar to the energy projection

A Red lantern, throughout their power ring, could fire off shots of pure Rage energy, in the form of a long beam of Rage blood. The blast could be fired well up to 1000+ yards, either as one powerful single blast or rapid bursts. The effects of this attack was devastating, being able to destroy large buildings and critically injure or kill powerful enemies such as members from the Green Lantern Corps. This ability is fuelled mostly by the users rage rather then their willpower, making it especially dangerous in the hands of Red Lantern.

Energy Projection is one Atrocitus quickest and most easy to prepare power at long range, allowing him attack opponents at a distance, or at closer ranges. While his skill with his power is not fully know, his high Rage levels along with his mastery of the Red Power Ring can only apply that he has great strength wielding it.

           Note: Atrocitus' power would be 10X the amount displayed in the video above

Medium Range: Rage Plasma

Atrocitus belching pure Rage

A Red lantern can vomit a plasma like substance from their mouths up to roughly 15 feet. This plasma is made up of the users Rage infected blood, which burns away almost anything, including armour and weapons, in a mixture of napalm and acid. Any living being touched by this plasma will almost instantly burst into red flames of Rage, burning away into nothing. 

This ability is used more in fits of random anger rather then an effective weapon. However Atrocitus was able to master it and wield it with ease. Plasma is one of Atrocitus favourite finishing attacks, as he enjoys seeing his victims suffer from the burning substance. It will defiantly not be one of his first attacks he uses in a fight, but will use it if the situation calls for it. 

Close Range: Claws

As an extraterrestrial, Atrocitus wields a pair of razor sharp claws for hands. While not his preferred killing tool, he has found these claws incredibly useful in close range combat, often hacking and slashing apart his enemies. A light blow from his claws would cause serious trauma and bleeding where ever they hit, and a full powered slash could hack off limbs and tear away entire chest capacities of humanoids. Atrocitus long arms give him a reach of over three feet, and he can use his claws in union with his ring powers.

Special Attacks: Energy Construct

A Red Lantern, if not fully consumed by Rage, could use their Power Ring to construct any thing the wielder imagines. These constructs are tangible pieces of Pure Rage, making them nearly invincible to any know weapon besides the Blue Power Ring.

 The possibilities of whatever the user wishes to construct are limited too their imagination, thought Red Lanterns like Atrocitus are slightly less original in their constructs and choose fairly simple but punishing designs. Below are some noble constructs that Atrocitus and other Red Lanterns have conjured up.

Please note that finding pictures or videos of some of these constructs was very hard, so many of them will be with a visual reference. 


Chains could be constructed throughout the Red Ring to wrap around and trap a single or multiple oppeanats in a tight grasp. These chains could stretch dozens of meters and move at lighting speeds at the users will. The chains could damage and drain an oppeants energy, even killing them if the user sent a bolt of Rage down the chains to smoke whoever was trapped in.

Though defiantly deadly, Atrocitus was not a heavy user with the chains, preferring to use them to hold down an enemy in order to gloat or feed off their pain in a way. Being a more complicated construct, these would take more concentration from Atrocitus to make and wield, which he wouldn't be to eager to spare in this case. 


Similar to the chains, a Red Lantern could also construct a solid line of Rage energy to be used as a whip. This construct could reach to around 100m  and cover an entire 360 degree perimeter around the wield. While not very easy to wield, the Whip could effectively crush rocks and enemies under its massive force and speed. The whip is also a bit predictable to any experienced enemies, and can be countered at closer ranges. Still, its a power to be reckoned with as it keeps enemies at a far distance while still damaging them.

The Green Lantern with a Projected Fist

Pretty self explanatory, a large humodid fist could be constructed and used to bash in enemies from over 50ft. away in a single swing. Depending on the users boxing skills, the fist could be used also to blocked incoming attacks or objects as well as offering a decent counter attack. 

The Green Lantern with a Projected Hammer
Almost the same as the Fist, a giant Hammer could be constructed to crush and blow away objects and enemies in large, heavy strides. The hammer attack has a sort range of around 25 ft., but can do lots of damage to a target, as well as destroy surrounding envoirments.

Throwing Objects

While not itself a construction exactly, a Red Lantern could trap objects around them in a constructed hold, lifted them up, and hurl them at targets at wicked speeds. These objects could be as small as a pebble or as massive as a multi ton boulder, though larger objects would require more power concretion and will power in order to lift. They could also inwrap enemies or enemy vechiles and smash them around or hurl them against hard surfaces to beat them to death.

Razor with a Projected Blade vs. The Green Lantern

A very unique and interesting ability a Red Lantern has with their Power Ring is to create a a two foot long blade like projection. This blade can smash through stone and deliver devastating blows to an enemy. The blade is also effective at blocking other projection powers and countering them.

The effectiveness of the blade is based on the wielders skill, though a Lantern like Atrocitus would have little training in any type of fencing.


Yep, thats the Green Lantern with a Mini gun

If Atrocitus can think it, he can make it. The many possible objects, structures, weapons, and barriers that Atrocitus can create is endless. In the past, Atrocitus was shown to construct a variety of different things, thought preferring the powers listed above before the others. Should Atrocitus find himself at the lower end of the stick, he can pull nearly anything out of his arsenal to fight back. While Rage may cloud his creative for most of the time, it does not complete destroy it. 


Clothing: Projected Uniform

The uniform worn by Red lanterns is not made out of fabric but is constructed by the Power Ring by the wearer if they so wish it. Atrocitus' uniform is a standard version which he could change at anytime. The uniform is skin tight and very flexible, giving the wearer a free range of motion. It doesn't appear to have give any special protection from most attacks or weapons, thought it can (in a way) repair itself if damaged.

 Armour: Force Field

While not truly armour is the most sense, a Force Field of energy can be created around Atrocitus primarily for the use of space travel. This Force field can protect the user from debris as well as work as some sort of life support, allowing Atrocitus to survive inside it for however long he wants.

Atrocitus still seems vulnerable to a variety of attacks while applying the Field, thought he still seems able to use all his other Ring Powers in conduction with it.

Blocking: Protection Bubble, Constructed Shields 

While red Lanterns don't normally focus on defence, Atrocitus has shown some powerful blocking techniques generated from his Power Ring. The first is protection bubble, which forms a large, transparent red sphere around his body. This defence can block most missile as well as most close range weapons, though it does seem to weaken Atrocitus' mobility.

Second, Atrocious can construct shield like barriers between him and his opponent, which protect him from frontal attacks. This appears to take more construction and will to do.

The main weakness to these powers is if Atrocitus is willing to use them. He's been smart enough in the past to use them before when faced with power effective beings, but he loses all sense of defence if he gives into his Rage early in a fight (which happens a lot).

Agility: Slow on foot, Flight, Rarely fatigues,Quick Recovery Time

While grounded, Atroictuis is quite lumbering and a bit slow due to his massive size and weight. This is made up by his ability to manipulate gravity i with his Power Ring n order fly. While in flight, he can reach high speeds in a matter of seconds, existing and re entering a planets atmosphere effortlessly. Flight gives him a tactical aid with many of his longer range attacks, as well heightening his defence from projectiles and close range emphasis opponents.

Atroictuis also doesn't seem to tire, going days or weeks without rest. His Power Ring requires only his will power to operate, meaning little physical strain on himself for the majority of his fights, unless he chooses to move in to close range with his claws.

He is not easily dazed by most standard attacks, and can recover from a near fatal strike in mere seconds. It would take a great amount of energy to knock him out even for just a few moments, and after that he would be right up and fighting again.

Regeneration Powers: Life Support, Heartless, Alien Physiology 

The Red Lantern Ring forms a life support system with the wearer, keeping them alive for a vastly amount of time. It also works to heal moderate wounds sustained by a Lantern after a battle. Atroictus seems to be able to use this ability very effectively, recovering from major injuries while still being able to counting fighting. 

As a Red Lantern, Atrocitus heart has been replaced by his own Rage, meaning he can live if his heart is removed or destroyed.

Finally, his Alien body seems to give him superhuman durability, allowing him to take lots of damage before finally being put down. Its not clear if he can regrow lost limbs or internal organs, but he can deftly live without them.

Misc. Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Precognition, Rage Infection, Rage Empowerment, Emotion Detection

Superhuman Strength: Atroctuis possess incredible physical strength, being able to lift well over his own weight effortlessly. This strength also increases his power with his claws, letting him hack through metal and stone.

Precognition: Using an ancient blood ritual, Atrocitus can for see  far into future events, being able to see the events of Blackest Night thousands of years before. He can also use a less complicated version to track the location of a particular place or person. However, these ritual take time and concentration and are impractical to pull off of in the midst of combat.

Rage Infection: Atrocitus is capable of infecting an individual with Rage from his ring, especially if the individual is feeling range at the moment. This can lead to Atrocitus easily or forcibly converting said person into the Red Lantern Corp. He has proven this many times before, even being able to turn Hal Jordon, the Green Lantern, over to his cause.

Rage Empowerment: A Red Power Ring is fuelled by the wearers Rage, meaning the more angry they get, the stronger they get. The ring (and to a point its wearer) can also be empowered by an opponents rage, making them stronger and stronger as long as the opens stays angry. This would be very helpful to Atrocitus versus a number of enemies who would be feeling hatred either at him or at themselves.

Emotion Detection:  Atrocitus created the Red Lantern Ring throughout the Emotional Light Spectrum, an energy field where power can be controlled and used by a wearers overall feelings and mindset. Red repressing Rage, some of the other oculars include  Yellow (fear), Blue (Hope), and Green(Willpower).

A Red Lantern and almost any other Lantern for that matter, can detect someones emotional status from miles away, knowing if they are in Rage or in Hope. This is very useful for tracking down enemies with high emotional status, many of which Atrocitus fights on a daily basis. 


Tactics:Decent group leader, Straight forward for singles combat, Long Range first, then move in at close, Tortures

As a tactician, Atrocitus likes to keep things pretty simple as both a group and in singles combat. When leaden his Red Lanterns into combat, he tries using more devious manoeuvres, such as sneak attacks or ambushes, but prefers just a frontal charge over everything else.
In one on one, or at least small groups, he becomes even more simpler, charging straight at an enemy with little to know plan.

That said, Atrocitus does seem to fight wisely in whatever situation he's in. His preferred method is to weaken his foes down first with his long range attacks, before moving in to finish the rest. At close to medium range, Atrocitus enjoys taunting his opponents, brutally beating them and slowly torturing them, tearing them apart on the inside. 

At all times, he means business, and will use almost anything to get the job done.

Motivation: Revenge, Hatred, Power

Atrocitus has many justifiable reasons why he feels the way he does. He was one of the few survivors of the Massacre of Sector 666, where he witness the deaths of his wife and daughter in front of his own eyes. He was imprisoned for thousands of years, before finally being  released. Those long years of solidarity tore throughout Atroctius' moral fibbers, making him a revenge driven monster, not resting until the job was done.

His pure hatred of other beings also drives him forward, thought he does feel some sympathy for a few beings.

While not as important, Atrocitus lust for power over and with the Red Lanterns seems to keep him focus on one overall goal at a time, keeping him in line to continue his fight against who ever gets in his way.

Training: Unknown, Skills gained from Ring:
Lesson 101: Don't mess with this mans cat

Atrocitus never received formal combat training in his early years as Atros before the Slaughter as far as one can tell, though once he created his Power Ring, it seemed he gained a whole set of skills for him to harness for a while. A lack of formal training has resulted in Atrocious lepton g his feelings getting the best of him, or simply being out matched by better trained Green Lantern troops.

Martial Arts: No formal style

Simply put, Atrocitus seems to have little to no knowledge of any practical martial art, though he has been able to hold himself before in hand to hand combat, giving him some worth. He also does seem to have considerable skill in wielding some of his constructions, but that's about it.

Experience: Thousands of years of combat
A face only his mother could love

Atrocitus has been fighting a large amount of opponents for thousands of years, possibly almost every single alien race in his know universe. Its not clear who he has fought, thought the time frame allows any number for a long period of time. While his common enemy would be another type of Power Ring user, it can only be assumed he has seen other beings with different types of fighting styles and powers and understands the basics of each one.

Terrain Manipulation: Low-Medium

Atroctuis doesn't seem to care the type of terrain he fights in, only occasionally using his ring powers to through objects found around it at enemies. He is rarely found using his surroundings as cover, though he does on occasion. 

Weaknesses: Uncontrolled Rage, Love, Hope

The majority of the Red Lanterns are nothing but a bundle of mindless, murderous manics consumed with Rage and fury. Very few like Atrocitus can control this, and even they can let in into their emotions at times, flying into an uncontrolled rage which may cloud their judgement. 

Red Lanterns are resisted by the ocular Blue, which represents Hope that a being has, and also seems to have less effect on Love, a concept few Red Lanterns understand.

Atrocious is prone to all of these disabilities, many of which would majorly effect his powers against certain opponents.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Match Up Preview: Rage

Hey there everybody, MeibukanMaster here. I know some of you haven't heard from me for a long time. In recent times, my blogging hobby has seem to seize for the most part. With school, extra curricler activities, new interests, and lack of motivation, I have been up to update this blog as of late.

I thank all of you who have stuff with me over the last while, as your support is one of the main reasons why I'm writing this right now. With DW gone but the DW blogging community still going strong, I've been inspired as of late to start up again. Now, I'm not to sure how long this will last, or how much time I can  put into things, but I can tell for sure you will be hearing more from in the near furture.

Now, to the point. Many of you were very excited to hear about my newest match up Galen marek vs. Alex Mercer. When I first reviewed the concept, I was very eager to start it. But as time went on, I found a personal lack of faith in the overall direction I was taking. I really liked Galen, as he was unique had not been matched up before in the blogging community. I also liked Alex, but their was something about him that seemed off.

I like incorporating new or unheard of warriors in my blog in order to bring uniqueness and creativity to it. Alex just seemed to over used by everybody else, and seemed to lack that flavour that he had before. To use would be to mainstream and predictable to everyone else. i knew after a couple of months I needed a new opponent for Galen.

While going through a few recent research sources, I found a certain figure that I felt suited Galen almost perfectly. He was similar to Galen in many ways, but also very different, which gave him a interesting quality. I felt he could give Galen a fairfight, but not instantly crush or be crushed by Mr.Marek.

Without further ado, I present a new chapter in Deadliest Warroir Blogging:

Galen Marek: Reformed Jedi and one of the most powerful Force-Users in the galaxy

Atrocitus: Blood Thirsty leader of the Red Lantern Corp. who lives for death

Ranking System:


Long Range: 60/60 

Medium Range: 40/40

Close Range: 30/30

Special Attacks: 35/35


Clothing: 10/10

Armour: 20/20

Blocking: 15/15

Agility: 30/30

Regenerative Powers: 10/10

Misc. Abilities: 30/30


Tactics: 30/30

Motivation: 15/15

Training: 15/15

Martial Arts: 15/15

Experience: 20/20

Terrain Manipulation: 5/5

Weaknesses: -10/10

Questions.Concerns.Comments.Criticism .

Post it all below and I'll get back at you.

Until then, MeibukanMaster