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Friday, 17 June 2011

Israeli Sicarii vs. Okinwain Pechin; Introduction and Grading System

My next match up will have the Israeli Sicarii battle the Okinawain Pechin. One side features religious rebels who developed cloak and dagger tactics to combat Roman occupation in their homeland. The other side features the elite warriors of an island caste system that influenced modern day martial arts.

Israeli Sicarii

Okinwain Pechin

Ranking System:

Long Range: 20/20
Medium Range: 15/15
Close Range: 10/10
Extreme Close Range: 5/5
Specialized: 10/10

Head: 10/10
Torso: 15/15
Arms: 5/5
Legs: 5/5
Blocking: 5/5


Tactics: 15/15
Motivation/Loyalty: 10/10
Training: 10/10
Martial Skill: 10/10
X-Factor: 10/10

7 vs. 7 Squad Battle

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