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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Special Announcement

School is starting soon, so I will have less time to work on my blog. However, I will keep putting stuff out on a regularly bases to fulfil the needs of my followers. I have recently taken on a side project of sorts, slightly inspired by Thrand and Eld's work.

While reviewing the past few seasons episodes, I found one of them very inaccurate, above all other. Having just got a Youtube channel, I decided I would put a little something together. Something like...

Celt vs. Persian Immortals: The Inaccuracies!

Based on my and fellow bloggers findings on this subject, I am creating a short video detailing the historical inaccuracies of Deadliest Warrior's Celt vs. Persian Immortal episode. I will be posting it on this blog and than later Youtube for a wider audience.

I will examine the weapons and armour tested on the show, comments made about the experts/ host regarding the warriors, the improper use of weapons and chariots, and what the show should have done to make this both an interesting and accurate match up.

I am not bias towards any one of these warrior, though I will have to go into greater detail fro one of them because of their portrayal on the show (guess who).

If anyone has any suggestion they want me to talk about, or any information regarding these two warriors that I could use, feel free to drop me a comment.

The release date is still unknown, as I'm trying to see the popularity of this concept before I go through the effort to make it.

Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Croatian-Austrian Pandur vs. Russian Strelsty: Edges

Long Range: Snaphaunce Tufenk vs. Flintlock Musket

The first two weapons are the hardest to decide. They have many similarities in both firing systems and operations, along with practical usage in combat. The Tufenk from a firearms specialist point of view has a much longer barrel, with will increase its muzzle velocity and overall accuracy . The longer barrel also means a much longer reload, where valuable seconds could be lost both offensively and defensively.

The Flintlock Musket too has it's pros and cons. Its firing mechanism allows for more gunpowder to be loaded, increasing overall killing power. That said, the larger amount of gunpowder will leave a bigger bang and larger amount of smoke, which can be a large con in a battle. Plus it has a much heavier weight, size, and recoil, which can drag on a solider negativity during both a battle and march.

After looking at each physical pros and cons, there is how each are deployed and used by both warriors. The Pandurs will like to stay in their protective locations, sharpshooting the Strestly in crouching or prone positions, using anything around them for a base to increase their accuracy (i.e. shako cap base, tree branches). In that case, they're nearly unbeatable at long range.

The Strestly also like to stay in their formation using the walls of the gulai gored to defend from enemy rounds for the longest time. The walls will cover each man as he reloads and fires his weapon, though it does not offer the best visibility when using the musket.

If either were to leave their formations (which they will have too at some point), a raw shoot out would follow. The Strestlys are the ones who fit in this situation the best, while the Pandurs would want to fall back to a better location and terrain for the rest of the fight. Gun on gun, the flintlock musket as the greater killing  power with its greater muzzle velocity and compat size, were nearly all shots (especially ones using the bardiche as a base) will be fatal, while the Tufenk's lack of power will cause more wounds than instant kills overall.

All of these factors are crucial when examining the two guns. While the lighter and longer Tufenk is ideal for irregular warfare sharp shooting, the flintlock muskets power and faster reload time makes it a better straight up shooter. The Tufenk will serve its initial purpose very well at sharp shooting the Strestly from protective location, once the Strestly close the gap (which happens very quickly in this Era's warfare) the flintlock musket will serve a better and more versatile purpose.

The Musket may get the edge, but expect this section to still be very close, as the Tufenk still has that super range the Pandurs love.

Edge (barely): Flint Lock Musket.

Mid Range: Twin Flintlock Pistols vs. Matchlock Arquebus:

Unlike long range, these two weapons are very different from each other. The pistols are small and have little range, but are compact and versatile as melee weapon. The arquebus may be an older model but makes up for that in range in power.

First a look at the pistols. The flintlock firing system is very reliable and easy to manage, but sacrifices its accuracy and power. Any shot beyond 15 feet will probably miss its target, and even if it does hit, the lack of penetration with leave only a wound that can be managed. Still, the small size allows quick reloads and even quicker draws and fires. Its small weight and size allows even easier carrying in ones belt, not slowing them down on march or in battle. Plus, it can be aimed and fire at point blank range, which can be helpful in tight areas like a forest. It was emanation before that when fired it can be used as a club, which with its light and balled framed can be handy at close range combat.
What may make the pistols so critical is its double use. A Pandur has the choice too kill two enemy before having to reload. The quickness and compact frame is perfect for skirmishing, which the Pandurs love to do.

Impressive the pistols may be, but the matchlock arquebus may be the proper match (no pun intended) to them. The obviously longer and larger arquebus has much larger range, accuracy, and power means the Strestly can fire and kill at a much longer range, creating a line of volleys which will strike the Pandurs very hard if they ever come into open space against it. The arquebus may seem the clear winner here, but it has to major drawbacks: firing system and reloading. The matchlock is a much more primitive system than the flintlock, relying on a delicate process that can be majorly effected in certain types of weather. Plus the larger amount of smoke will surround the Strestlys after firing, blinding them for what could be crucial moments. Also, the reload time is much effective by the matchlock and the size of the gun. It would take a much longer time to reload just the one gun, leaving the user open to pistol fire. Even when used with the bardhice, a single row arquebus would have problem shooting at enemy in fortified positions such as a forest.

The situation where the two guns would meet would be simple. The first line of arqubues would cause decent damage to the Pandurs, but after the first shots the Pandurs would close the gap very quickly and start an onslaught with their pistols. The twin use would make a greater rate of fire, flanking the reloading arquebus in a fast time. This would force the Strestly to ether drawback to use their arquebus more effectively, or enter close quarter combat, where the Pandurs just want them. At this point, the arquebus becomes obsolete and the pistols are more useful.

Giving the greater rate of fire, faster reload time, and small but movable frame, the twin flintlock pistols gain the edge at mid range.

Edge: Twin Flintlock Pistols.

Specialized Melee: Yatagan vs. Bardiche: 

Though firearms play a big factor in this battle, close quarter combat is still very crucial when the two sides close in. The yatagan and bardiche were near trademark weapons for their respective user, and will play a great factor in scoring.

First the yatagan. The small curved blade is excellent for slashing and hacking in a quick, swift motion, a great aspect against an un armoured opponent like the Strelsty. Its compact size makes it ease to carry and quick to draw, which allows the Pandur to move freely around the battlefield, unlike the Strelsty who will be slowed down a bit by their axes. Like their other weapons, the yatagan suits the Pandur's battle style very well. It does however have to major draw backs to the bardiche: size and use.

The bardiche is much longer than the yatagan and the Pandurs other melee weapons, keeping all enemy at a distance when fighting hand to hand. Its broad head is great for blocking (which I'll talk about later) and would dominate both the yatagan and sabre with ease. While heavier and bulkier, it can serve its purpose of a walking shaft if may be, and of course it can be use to brace the musketor arquebus when being fired. While the yatagan could have a problem hacking pass parts of the Strestly's heavy coat, the bardhice will have no problem hacking through anything the Pandur is wearing.

For over killing power and battlefield versatility, I award the edge to the bardiche.

Edge: Bardiche

Thursday, 4 August 2011

William The Conqueror vs. Alexander The Great

Note: This is a small side project I'm today on the side of my main blogs. This is for pure entertainment and reflects only whats seen on the shoe, expect for one or two weapons I had or proper weapons test (i.e. riveted mail). Titled 'Generals', this project will look at the great named warriors on the show, plus new ones for ether generic warriors or new ones all together. Hope you enjoy.

"Alexander the Great!'

Alexander rides his horse into battle, his sword drawn and him screaming.

"Warrior-King who led his army to conquer the largest empire of ancient times."

"William the Conqueror!"

William raises his longsword over his head to advance his troops forward.

"Blood thirsty Duke of Normandy who's conquest of England was legendary."


                                                     WHO IS DEADLIEST?
To find out, our world class fighters are testing histories most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe. No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death, to decide who is....THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!


"Here we are at the fight club, where a combination of bio technicians, doctors, and computer programmers meet to collect weapons data of two of histories most successful rulers."

Alexander the Great

340 BC
Height- 5'7"
Weight-155 lbs
Armour: Bronze Cuirass

"The King of Macedon who in 340 BC led his army to conquer the know worlds greatest empires, including ancient Greece, Persia, and Egypt. Legendary for both his tactics and courage, Alexander is credited as one of histories greatest generals."

Alexander leads his army against the Persian empire, chopping down Persians with his sword. 

"But how will he do against William the Conquerer?"

William the Conquerer

1066 AD
Height- 6'1 "
Weight- 200 lbw
Armour: Chain Mail 

"The ruthless Duke of Normandy led the Norman conquest in 1066 AD to capture England and the English Crown. His famed Battle of Hastings is considered by many the most decisive battle of all time."

"To see who would win in a thrown down battle between the two, our team will test each warriors weapons and impute the data into an advance computer program which will simulate 100 battles to the death. The winner will be crowned the Deadliest warrior."

"Fighting for Alexander, blade master Kendall Wells and sword specialist Peter von Rossum.'

Kendall: Alexander would win just by his tactics alone. He was a master at adapting to armies twice his size. He'll chop William to pieces and take all what William already conquered.

"Fighting for William the Conqueror, Medieval Combat specialist Jason McNeil and Ph.D Stephen Morillio."

Jason: William destroyed anyone in his watt when he invaded England. He had years of military expirance and was the best leader of his time. Alexander won't be able to get within a fott of him before William hacks his head off and take his crown like what he did to Harold Godwinn.

"Both our teams are ready to go head to head. First, we'll test each man's big guns, starting with Alexander's Ballista."

Alexander's team rolls their ballista out into an open field with a group of dummies several hundred feet away. They crank the piece back and load a bolt.


With a great SNAP, the bolt is released and fires through the air at a great speed. It soars like a missile until it reaches the range of the dummies. The bolt hits one of the dummies right in the face, raising yells of amazement from the host and Alexanders team. They load and fire an other bolt. This one goes a little further and hits the farthest dummy straight in the chest. They load a third one and fire it. The bolt lands right between two dummies, skinning one of them. The crew and both teams go over to expect the dummies.

Dr.D: The first dummy that you hit in the face is an instant kill. The bolt will puncture the face and stick straight into the frontal lobe of the brain. This guys dead. The second one is going to hit both the heart and lung. This guy will bleed out and drown on his own blood in under five seconds. This guy is dead.
The third bolt missed the these two dummies, but skinned one. The wound isn't deep enough to cause trauma, and the solider would keep on fighting without harm.

Jason: Well none of these guys would get hit anyway. You ace one shot before all of these guys get to who and cut you to shreds.

Kendall: Who think you have something better?

Jason: I know I have something better.

Narrator: "Williams team brings out the Bastards greatest projectile device: the Catapult."

The William experts position their catapult towards a group of dummies at the same distance as Alexanders. They pull down the arm and load it with a rock designed to travel at great distances. Jason prepares to pull the cord to fire the catapult.


The arm snaps forward and hurls the giant rock. The boulder fly through the air, but falls short of the dummies. It hits the ground and makes a small crater. The experts and crew look disappointed. The team reloads and fires another rock. This one fly straight at the dummies, hitting one straight in the head which falls over and knocks another one down. The team reloads one last boulder and lets it fly. The mighty stone fly faster than the other ones and hits a dummy in the chest. The crew and teams go over to look at the dummies.

Dr.D:  Okay, your first boulder fell short and didn't get anybody. Your second rock hit this dummy right in the head. The blunt force would break the skull and neck in a split second. This is an instant kill. The one you knocked with the other will probably have a few broken ribs, but can probably stand up and keep fighting.  The third one you hit in the chest will have a broken sternum along with severe internal damage. Two broken lungs, a bleeding spleen, a really messed up heart. Not an instant kill, but this guy will die out very quickly, under a minute.  

Kendall: Your first rock missed us and we would come in and chop you to shreds before you could even reload.

Jason: Our stones would crush you before you even got that close.

Geoff: Okay guys. Lets go on the numbers. Alexanders teams fired three bolts and got two instant kills, and it took them 28 seconds to reload. William's catapult fired three stones and got 1 instant kill and one mortal wound, but reloading took 59 seconds, nearly twice of Alexander's time.

Mack: Reloading and accurately is very important in a battle like this. If Alexander can fire more missiles in a shorter time and close in on William before he can reload, he has the edge here.

Edge: Alexander the Great with his Ballista!

Narrator: "Next, the crew tests both Warriors mid range weapons; Alexander's Xyston  vs. William's Norman Lance."

The two teams line up outside with their respective weapons. 

Geoff: Okay, we're testing both mens lances, which were used on horseback to spear men on the ground and on horseback. We have three dummies for both of you. Two represent men on foot, the last a man on horseback. Kill all three. Alexander, you're up first.

Kendall gets on his horse with the xyston and prepares to charge. 


Kendall charges at the first dummy. The tip of the lance goes straight into the dummies neck. He moves on to the next one. He thrusts at the torso, stabbing it in the gut. Approaching the third one, he reaches out with it, taking perfect aim. It goes straight into the gel dummy, poking out through the back and Kendall leaves it in there. Kendall dismounts and walks over to the first dummy with the crew and the teams.

Dr.D: You placed this one right into its neck. This will pierce the windpipe and all major vessels. This guy is bleeding out and dead in under two seconds. The second one wasn't to well. It only got a few inches in his side, and he can proably stand up and get some aid for this. The third one is perfect. It'll go straight into the lung and the spine. Instant kill.

Jason: I think I can do much better than that with my Norman lance.

Jason hops on his horse as the crew sets up three new dummies. He gets ready to charge.


Jason charges forward, lance in hand. He stabs the first dummy straight in the face. He goes on to the next dummy. He stabs it right in the shoulder and pulls it out. He finishes the third one off with a thrust right at its chest. It goes straight through and he leaves it there. He dismounts his horse and goes to the first dummy, where the crew is examining it.

Dr.D: The first dummy you got right in the eye. This is going straight through into the brain. This is an instant kill. The second one got off lucky. The stab to the shoulder will probably make him drop his weapon, but he'll be able to get this wound fixed. The third one, again, excellent as you're hitting it straight in the heart, making an instant kill.

Geoff: Okay, both teams kill two targets and wounded one other. The spears have the same reach and speed as each other. With similar results, I'm calling both of these weapons dead even.

Edge: Even!

Narrator: "Next, the crew tests both Warriors long range weapons. First, Alexanders Gastraphetes crossbow. "

Peter van Rossum stands in the middle of the testing field with the crew and the two teams.

Geoff: To test each of your long range weapons, we set up five targets. Two are standing with the opponents shield. Two are moving in the back representing two attacking soldiers. The last one will be on horseback to represent a officer leading the other four. Peter, your up first.

Peter cocks and loads his crossbow. He takes aim at one of the targets.


Peter shoots a bolt off. It hits one of the Normans shield and bounces off. He reloads and takes aim again. This time the bolt hits the dummy behind the shield in the chest. He shoots at the next shield target, but his bolt misfires and falls a few feet short. Reloading, he shoots again, hitting the target on the shield. He moves on too the moving targets. His first shot hits one in the lower torso. His next two both missed the other moving one. He moved on to the mounted target. His first bolt missed it by a foot. His last bolt hit it right in the chest. The crew and team went over to expect the dummies.

Dr.D: The first dummy you hit in the chest. You placed it just above the lung, so it won't be an instant kill, but he'll probably bleed out under a few minutes. You missed the other standing target but got one of the moving ones. This shot is two low and the guy will probably keep on fighting even with the bolt in his waist. Your final shot hit the mounted dummy in the chest, but at this distance will probably get only an inch of penetration, so not a kill.

Jason: I'm willing to bet my Composite crossbow can fire more accurately and kill more targets in the half the time than you did.

Geoff: Okay, than lets see how the Composite Crossbow does.

Jason readies his crossbow and takes aim at the new targets.


Jason shoots his first bolt, which hits the dummy in the face. He reloads and moves on to the next one. His bolt hits the shield but only leaves a small dent. He reloads and shoots the dummy in the chest. He takes aim at the two moving targets. His first bolt hits one right in the chest, while his next one only hits the target in the shoulder. He takes aim at the final mounted target. His bolt nails the dummy right in the throat. The crew and experts go over to the dummies.

Dr.D: Jason, you're first shot hit the dummy right in the face. It won't be an instant kill, but he'll be in so much pain and will bleed out very quickly. The next one landed right in the heart. This guys bleeding out and dead in under a minute. The first of the two moving targets you hit again in the heart. He's dead. The second one, you only got in the shoulder, so he'll probably be able to walk away. The last one, you got right in the chest. This will go into the lung and he'll bleed out very quickly.

Geoff:  Okay. Peter, you killed only one dummy and the rest you wounded, which a reload time of 13 seconds. Jason, who killed four of the five with a reload time of 8 seconds.

Jason: I also used less bolts in a shorter time, meaning I can use this weapon agains't even more enemies.

Mack: Striking quick and at a distance is crucial in long range combat, along with conserving ammo. No question, the edge goes to William's Composite Crossbow.

Edge: William's Composite Crossbow!

Finally, the crew will test each warrior's close range weapons: Alexander's Kopis and William's Longsword.

Kendall holds his kopis as Geoff explains the test.

Geoff: These swords can be used on both horse back and on foot. We have two elevated targets which you will attack on horseback, and one target on the ground where you will dismount and attack. That dummy is wearing your opponents armour. We'll see if you can get through it or not. Kendall, you're up with the kopis.

Kendall gets on his horse and readies his sword.


Kendall races at the first target. he hacks away at it, leaving a great cut. He charges the next one, hacking into its shoulder. He reaches the third one and dismounts. The dummy is wearing William's riveted chain mail with padding underneath. He slashes, but the blade bounces off. He thrusts, but the iron based sword barely gashes it. The crew and experts go up to the targets.

Dr.D: The first one you got in the chest, which will probably hack about an inch or two in, which will take him down and bleed him out in about a minute. The next one you got in the shoulder. You'll probably get pass the cooler bone, but you won't be able to kill instantly. The final dummy with the armour doesn't look so good. He didn't cause much blunt trauma nor did you get pass the mail.

Jason: William's Longsword is much better designed to get pass armour and will kill better than the kopis.

Geoff: Well lets test it than.

Jason gets up on his horse and takes out his longsword. He prepares to charge.


Jason charges at the first target. He cuts the dummies head clean off and keeps going. He brings the blade down to cleave the next dummies head into two. He reaches the third one and dismounts. This dummy is wearing Alexanders bronze cuirass. He takes a slash and hits it across the chest, leaving a big dent and crushing ribs underneath. He thrusts into it, punching a large hole in it. Jason seethes his sword and goes over with the crew to examine the dummies. 

Dr.D: Your first slash took the dummies head clean off. This is an instant kill. Next, you cut this ones head right in half. He's dead right away. The one with the armour you took care off. This slash didn't cut through, but I can feel tons of broken ribs and a lot of blunt trauma going through causing harm. This thrust only got an inch trough, just missing the heart, but this guy would probably be beaten down so much he can't fight back.

Geoff: William's sword conquered Alexanders kopis pretty well. He got two instant kills and was able to do better damage against Alexander's armour. Its also a lot longer and made of steel oppose to Alexanders iron. Edge, William.

Edge: William's Norman Longsword.

Narrator: "With the weapon testing down, all data is imputed into the computer where a battle to the death will be simulated a 1000 times, with the winner being crowned the Deadliest Warrior."

Guest 'Button Pusher of the Day': Booker T!

"We gonna see who the Deadliest Warrior is, Sucka'!'


William emerges from a forest with four other men. They toll a catapult behind them. Across the field, Alexander and four of his men drag their ballista behind them. The two war lords spy each other and prepare for battle.

Alexander's men crank up the ballista while William's men prepare the catapult. Alexander is quicker and fires a bolt at William. It hits one of his Normans in the chest, impaling him. William replies by throwing a stone at Alexander with the catapult. The giant rock hits one of Alexanders men in the head and crashes into the ballista, disabling it.

William: 4

Alexander: 4

Both William and Alexander prepare to charge on horseback. Their soldiers follow them on horse, carrying their crossbows. The two forces meet at the centre of the field. One of Alexander's men try to shoot William down , but misses. A Norman is able to take down the unlucky Macedonian with his crossbow, but is shot right back by another Macedonian.

William: 3

Alexander: 3

William charges on the solider who is reloading his crossbow. He impales the man with his lance, letting it go in the process. Alexander meanwhile is rushing one of Williams man. He stabs his Xyston into him in a similar manner and lets it stick in the impaled man. The other Norman tries to shoot Alexander down but misses. He tries to reload as Alexander rushes him with the Kopis. The warrior king hacks the mans face away and continue on to the enemy leader.

William: 1

Alexander: 2

William is fighting off one of Alexanders men, who has drawn a sword and his trying to hack away Williams horse. William takes advantage by trampling the man with his horse, and then dismounting to finish him off with his sword. He turns around to see Alexander racing towards him.

William: 1

Alexander: 1

Not having the time to re mount his horse, William draws back to where he impaled the enemy solider. He grabs his lance still impaled in him and charges Alexander. Alexander, unable to see this coming, tries to pull back, but William stabs into his horse, causing Alexander to fall off. Getting up, Alexander eyes William as he draws his sword and shield. Alexander draws his sword and shield too.

The two go head to head. William tries to thrust at Alexanders face, but he blocks it and comes in with his shield. William try to hook it away with the tail of his shield, but Alexander keeps driving forward. He thrusts with the Kopis, but doesn't get past the chain mail. William pushes him off and iron bosses him down.

Alexander gets up, his shield damaged. He hacks at William, who defends with ease. Being quick, Alexander sweeps William's leg, who lands hard on the ground. Alexander goes to finish him off, but William blocks with his shield. He pulls the tail of his shield against Alexanders knee, who cripples back in pain. Standing Up, William uses the pommel of his sword to drive into Alexander's face, who falls down wounded. he grabs his great sword and thrusts it into Alexanders throat. The Warrior-King coughs up blood, hoping the gods will take him into the underworld without two coins over his eyes.

William raises his sword from the dead man and screams a war cry.

Winner: William the Conqueror!


Longsword:  142                                             Kopis: 122

Lance:  141                                                     Xsyton: 133

Crossbow:  251                                              Gastraphetes: 80

Catapult:  23                                                   Ballista: 108

Total: 557                                                       Total: 443

Narrator: "Out of 100 battles, William was able to pull off 557 kills over Alexander's 443 kills."

Jason: I had no doubt that William was going to beat Alexander. He had better armour, better weapons, and could beat anybody in his path. That's why he was called William the Conqueror.

William raises his sword in victory over Alexanders dead body

The End

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