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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Future Comedy Match Up Preview: Sparkle of the Moon

Hey there! MeibukanMaster here with a special announcement on one of my planned up coming matches which I will probably start on in late October of 2011. I hope that neither my school or other hobbies conflict with my matches distribution, but I can make no promises.

Anyway, this is a match that I've only considered doing very recently, based on the warriors pop culture nature and target audience. However, based on both's history and experience in their own worlds, I though it would be interesting to see a match like this.

Though I'm not quite know for my fictional matches, I love the various bloggers (AFan, Vercin, Master of da Boot, Ares) who do write such matches. Some of the earliest stuff I wrote back in 2009 fettered warriors of my own creation (hope to fetter them someday). I plan on this being the second of fictional maths I do, the first being the epic clash of Starkiller vs. Alex Mercer, two of video games best bad asses.

The point of this preview is to keep this match in mind once I finish my other ones, which will take a while. I've also realized that I must start advertising my blog more often in and around the DW community, and the earlier I can get this type of info out, the better. I hope to grab a larger following as I keep going on this blog, as well as appealing to a wider fanbase.

Without further adieu, I give to you...

A MeibukanMaster Production...

Twilight Sparkle        vs.      Sailor Moon

One of Equestria most powerful unicorns trades hooves with the leader of the Sailor Scouts. Both have fought through hardship and evil before, becoming some of todays greatest animated heros. Both are deadly but...

Who. Is. Deadliest?

Explanation: Nearly anybody reading this now is probably thinking: What? You're giving up writing Starkiller vs. Mercer in favour of two stupid cartoon charters meant for little girls! Are you mad!

First, this is just a preview to what is to come much later. I do not attend to start writing this match until all of my other ones are done, which i've said earlier will take awhile. Second, I understand that these characters do come from media aimed towards little girls, the mY Little Pony franchise especially. However, both 'Sailor Moon' and 'Friendship is Magic' are enjoyed by a wide variety of audience, reaching from little girls to grown men.

Does this mean I think DW is a joke and my matches rare lampooning the concept? Not at all. I was inspired to do something like this from other bloggers in the DW community. Granted, they write matches including Boba Fett and Link oppose to what i'm using.

Both fighters (as I will call them) are respectable in their own rights not as killers but as heros. Sailor is one of Earths greatest defender against the forces of evil, while Twilight was able to save Equstria from eternal darkness. I think the two would have an epic clash considering their powers and history.

I might again think: Oh, Twilight has no fighting experience and will be destroyed by Sailor in seconds flat. False. While Sailor is the better overall fighter, Twilight has been able to use her magic to battle some of the mightiest beasts. She's a great match for someone with the likes of Sailor.

So while these two fighters have proven themselves worthy for a battle, they will be bringing along some of their allies to aid them in their fight.

Twilight will be followed by:

  • AppleJack
  • RainbowDash
  • Rarity
  • Fluttershy
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Spike
  • Aple Bloom
  • Sweetie Belle
  • Scootaloo

Sailor counters with her own deadly brigade:

  • Sailor Mercury
  • Sailor Mars
  • Sailor Jupiter
  • Sailor Venus
  • Sailor Chibi Moon
  • Sailor Saturn
  • Sailor Neptune
  • Sailor Saturn
  • Sailor Pluto

The Grading System for each fighter will work like this:

Leader Section:

Primary Offensive: /100

This will count for all major attacks each fighter will preform to achieve a death blow. This includes magic, weapons, and hand to hove combat at all ranges

Secondary Skills: /50

This includes skills that while may not be lethal, will help the fighter overcome the others attacks and place them up for an offensive move.

Defensive Capabilities: /75

This includes personal clothing/ armour a warrior might wear to defend them from attacks, along with added mobility and skills that one could have to dodge incoming attacks.

Personal Strengths: /50

This includes the positive side of each fighters personally and morales, which will aid them in either leading their allies, taking losses on their side, and any special tactics they might use to trick their enemy.

Personal Weaknesses: /-25

This includes points that can be taken away from each fighters negative personality traits, such as anger, bad communication with allies, lack of fate, etc.

Allies (for each one):

Primary Offensive: /50

Secondary Skills: /25

Defensive Capabilities: /35

Personal Strengths: 25

Personal Weaknesses: /-10

Group Attack: /90

This includes any special move that the entire (or parts of) group can preform which could cause mass castles are the opposing side. Some may not work as certain allies could be tank out in midst of battle before they even have a chance.

Group Communication: /70

This is how well each team works with each other, which is very important when examining how certain allies make work together or against each other to achieve or fail a certain goal.

Rules of Combat: /70

This examines the tactics each team may take when fighting each other, along with whom would be the first ones on each side to attack and how that would effect the feelings and motivations for their allies.

I hope you enjoy this match when it comes out. I really hope this doesn't kill me and the credibility of my blog. The concept of DW is so broad that who can fit nearly any character or person into a battle.

Peace out.