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Friday, 21 October 2011

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Warrior Bio: Galen Marek

Bio Intro:

Rebel Alliance Starbird, based on the
 Marek Family Crest.

Colour Scheme: Red, Black, Blue

Red symbolizes Galens early loyalty to the Sith along with his own personal rage which creaks inside him throughout his life. Through out his years as a Sith, he showed little remorse to whatever and whoever he had to chop through in order to complete a mission, while at the same time display great amounts of anger and hatred for his master Darth Vader and the entire Sith after breaking off from them. This much anger helps to motivate through anything that gets in his way, even Alex Mercer.

Black recognizes again Galens ties to the Sith and his own personal emotions, but more of a transitional point from Sith to Jedi. After being betrayed by Vader the first time, Galen went into a rouge like mode, not serving the Sith so proudly as he had before, but still preforming their duties with the same ruthless attitude. This mindset helps Galen stay focus on his mission at hand and best represents his skill level when in combat; dark and heartless.

Blue represents Galen at his final stage of a Force Wielder: is self dubbing of Jedi. While trained under the Sith for years, Galen feels that having declared war on the Sith that he, like his farther before him, is a Jedi knight sworn to destroy the Sith. Blue also shows the compassion he has for Juna Ecspile at their last meaning as well as his replacement lightsabre from before. While still having walk the shoes of a Sith, the Galen I'm using is just before his departure into the Deathstar to confront Vader and Palpatine, so he will be caring both Jedi and Sith traits into this battle.

Bio: Not having the skills or patience to write a proper bio that would do Galen justice, I will simply leave a link to a far more superior account of the Darksider's life and times here.

Galen Marek (StarKiller)

Offensive Categories:

Long Range: Force Grip
An impressive feat by nearly anyones standards.
While more of a hand to hand specialist, Galen has shown tremendous skill with his telekinesis Force powers at longer ranges. One of his personal favourite applications was the Force grip, which allowed him pick up targets from a distance and hold them in mid air. Here, Galen could use many other Force powers on his helpless target, including Force Choke, Force Crush, Force Pull, and the Force Push (all of which will be profiled later)

Galen was amazingly skilled in this power, being able to snatch speeding TIE fighters out of mid-air, as well as blasting whole areas of people back with a simple gesture.

Possibly Galen's greatest (if not famous) example of this power was  during his second mission to Raxus Prime, where he was able, under heavy concentration, to rip a 1,600m long Star Destroyer out of the sky and use it as a battering ram against his target. This feat has many to speculate Galen has one of the most powerful Force User ever.

While Galen is more opt. to head straight into melee combat in this fight, he may find this power useful when engaging an oppeant with greater lon range attacks. His safest hope than is to an enemy back at a range of 100 yards at the most, before restoring to closer range Force attacks and his lightsabre.

The Force Grip will work in Galen's favour at long range combat, not always being a direct kill, but a means to hold his oppeants back, cripple them, then move in for a killing blow. Other than that, Galen is more opt. to use his force powers at a closer range during this battle, while stilling having the option to use it at range.

                                            Galen's ultimate demonstration of his Force Grip

Medium Range: Lightsaber Throw

Best picture I could find of Galen with the Lightsaber Throw.

Of the many lightsaber techniques developed by both Jedi and Sith, the Saberthrow is probably the most damaging of all when range and Force skill is considered. With the lightsaber ignited, the user whips his weapon out in a spinning boomerang like fashion, causing massive damage to a target before being retrieved to the users hand with a Force pull. There are also many variants to the Throw, with some user being able to attack multiple targets in a single swing, as well as a 'wrap cut', where the user throws his or her sabre behind a target and have it return to cut it in the back.

Galen was greatly skilled with the Sabre Throw, being able to attack a number of opponents at long distances and retrieving his sabre in under seconds.  He could also hold an enemy up using Force Grip to ensure an accurate hit.

A great show of skill with the Saber Throw

Though a very deadly technique, the Throw does have many major weaknesses. First, the user is basically throwing their most powerful weapon away, where missing a target would them open to all long range and close range attacks. Second, if being thrown at a fairly decent range, the target would be able to see it coming and possibly be able to dodge or block it, after which they could attack the Saber's user or destroy the Sabre itself.

                                                  (A nod to AFanofSparta for the video)

Close Range: Rahm Kota's Lightsabre

Galen's Replacement Weapon

The most legendary piece of equipment to both the Jedi order and the Sith, the Lightsabre is one of the most powerful weapons in the Star Wars universe. Ejecting a blade shaped beam of plasma energy out of a metal hilt, the Lightsabre is a weapon of great power and great skill, taking years to master it, with some strong Force users (i.e. Luke Skywalker) being able to wield it in a much shorter amount of time.

Galen in fighting stance.

A Force user, Jedi or Sith, is shown to have a great amount of skill with this close range weapon, choosing it over longer range blasters and explosives. The wielder has a close connection with this weapon, combing their Force powers with their own soul and emotions to create their own custom sabre, with many variations such as short swords and Lightwhips.

The Lightsabre has an INCREDIBLE amount of cutting power, being able to slice through nearly any substance know to man with no blade damage what so ever. It is very quick and versatile in the proper hands, and can be used in a variety of different techniques. There are some unarmed moves in Sabre combat, notably the Hilt smash, as well as giving the wielder full use of their Force powers, allowing them to use many different fight combinations with the Force Grip and the Force Pull.
Galen's original Sith sabre

Galen was especially powerful in Lightsabre combat, taking out blaster wielding foes with ease and surviving numerous encounters with other Sabre users. His original Lightsabre was given to him as a youth, complete with a Sith Red crystal blade. Cut down and designed with a reverse hand grip for his custom Shien fighting style, Galen used this weapon with great effectiveness. After his initial betrayal by Darth Vader, his first Sabre was lost in the vacuum of space, with Vader himself replacing it with Rahm Kota's Lightsabre that Galen had captured. Galen managed to replace the green crystals with his own farther blue crystals, slowly adjusting his way to the Light Side.

                                           (Another nod to AfanOfSparta for the video)

This is one of Galen's most powerful weapons in a fight like this, naturally wanting to engage in close range combat as soon as possible. The Lightsabre will do a great amount of damage to an enemy at a variety of ranges, as well as being a fantastic blocking weapon for the same purposes. A single slash or thrust from this can severe a limb or decapitate an enemy with an ease, even possibility damaging any healing powers an enemy may have.

Special Attacks: Force Powers

Simple Telekinesis

(Force Pull, Force Push, Force Throw, Force Repulse, Force Choke, Force Crush, Force Lightning) 

One of the most useful applications of the Force in combat is Telekinesis, which Force Users use for both offensive and defensive purposes. The following six powers are under the Telekinesis category, while the final one falling in its own separate categories. The first six can all be used with the Force Grip at Long Range.

Force Pull:
Mace Windu retrieving his Lightsabre Force Pull

Being used to draw in a weapon, a piece of supplies, or a mullet amount of targets, the Force Pull allows the user to draw what ever they want close towards them, either to hold them or finish them off with a lightsabre. Galen was greatly skilled with this power, being able pick small targets (humanoids) out like flies, and even large targets (TIE Fighters) with ease. This will aid in Galen's kills with his close range weapons, plus giving him the ability to pick up his Lightsabre if he loses it at a long range.

Force Push:
Galen clearing away a Stormtrooper with Force Push

The Force Push allows the user to violently push a target back, either keeping them at a distance or crashing them into a wall or another standing platform, both of which may kill a weaker opponent but decently not Alex. This will be a great power to soften up Alex or give him enough time to heal a wound or regroup from an attack.

Force Throw: 

The Force Throw is a basic power, where the user picks up a certain object or a target itself and hurl it at a target or towards a standing platform, much like the Force Push. More of a taunting move, Galen will use this power to hurl any number of objects at Alex to maybe break his morale or set him up for a finishing move.

                                         (Interesting Fight with Force Throw halfway in)

Force Repulse:
A power Force Repulse

A powerful, yet time consuming power, the Force Repulse is a truly special move. Taking both time and concentration, the user slowly levitates in mid air, drawing loose objects and raw Force energy towards his centre, before blasting it out in a violent ring of Force Push that blows aways anything in a fifteen foot radius. Galen was especially skilled with this power, using it to great effect against a number of great opponents. 

Force Choke:
Darth Vader with a deadly Force Choke

A power use by the Sith in both combat and as a form of torture (which only strengths their power), the Force Choke targets a victims windpipe, choking them out or crushing their windpipe. A powerful user (eg. Darth Vader) can, through great concentration, kill a weak target in a completely different area with little physical effort (a ability Vader used to kill of disappointing generals without having to leave his personal camber). Being I'm using Galen when he was in a transitional period from Sith to Jedi, I don't expect him to use this power as much he would his other powers, though he defiantly wouldn't hesitate to use it if stuck in a jam with a powerful enemy.

Force Crush:
Destroying a droid with Force crush

A punishing move, the Force Crush is a simple but devastating power used to finish off a target. Gripping a target in Force Grip, the user can crush it from the inside while imploding it. Used mostly against droids or other abiotic targets,  this power can still be used to kill a living target, though such a kill would be a slow and painful death, something Galen, if under the Light Side, may not jump to use.

Force Lighting:
A powerful blast of Force Lightning 


Perhaps Galen most powerful Force power, offensively, the Force Lighting is the most unique of his move-set. Drawing energy from the Darkside of the Force, the user blast a beam of pure lightning at a target, either crippling them or sometimes even killing them. Galen was one of the most powerful Lightning user, rivalled only to Darth Sidious himself. However, being turned to the Light Side, Galen will be heisting to use this power, and it's effectiveness will be limited if not drawing from the Darkside. However, if in rage during the middle of his battle (a variable that will be examined later) Galen may pull out a strong blast of Lightning that may either kill or serving cripple a powerful enemy.

Defensive Categories:

Clothing: Jedi Adventure Robes

The similarities to Alex are uncanny

After the second betrayal of Vader at the Corelllian Treaty, Galen turned away from his older Sith wardrobe for Jedi inspired garments, which he wore to his attack on the Death Star. Based on traditional Jedi design, the robes were meant to give the wearer mobility and range of motion for lightsabre combat. The robes were durable in most weather conditions and the many layers o clothing give the wearer room to place his or her lightsabre or other important objects.

Galen's custom robes were no different than other ones before his, with the white cloak representing his conversion to the light side of the Force. The hood almost made for a disguise when infiltrating the DeathStar, corresponding with the light side though of stealth.

Armour: None

Force users rarely wear any type of personal body armour, relying mostly on their Force and lightsabre skills to protect themselves. While earlier  some of his earlier Sith clothing had some minor armour elements, his current Jedi robes contain only mild fabric.

While it's not surprising Galen may score low in this section, the lack of armour will also strengthens his mobility and agility scores to add to the overall effectiveness of his attacks. Still, the lack of formal protection may hurt him in the long run.

Blocking: Form V Shien/ Dejem So blocking, limited hand to hand.

One of the greatest skills learn by a lightsabre wielding Force user is the lighting fast blocking styles as a form of mobile protection from long range and close range attacks. Galen himself specialised in the defensive lightsabre style of Shien/ Dejem So, which taught the user to stay on the defensive until finding the most opportunistic time to counter attack. Without getting to much into his martial arts, Shien indeed strengthens Galens blocking potential against nearly all weapons, including lightsabre, blaster, or even Force Lighting.  If unarmed from his lightsabre, Galen is open to nearly all attacks from Alex unless using Force protection, which I will mention later. 

Agility: Very Agile, Force Jump, Fatigues slightly, Quick Recovering Time.

Through his own psychical abilities and Force enhanced powers, Galen is incredibly fast and agile which allows him to incorporated daredevil acrobatics for offensive, defensive, and tactual purposes. His speed allows him to dodge incoming large incoming objects, as well as fast moving and precious blaster fire to some point. One of his most useful abilities is the Force Jump, which allows him to leap several times his height in the air and across long distances of 20 feet or more. Galen also has the double ability, which allows him to jump in mid air to further his distance or landing speed.
Galen's clone using the Force Jump to take down a Jet Pack wearing opponent.

Though Galen has great amounts of stamina when using his Force enhanced power, he does seem to tire a bit after using his powers for to long a time. With that said, Galen has great recovery time both from fatigue and serious blows that would do the average human being in. Indeed, taking a hard fall or being thrown dozens of yards won't stop Galen from getting back up in seconds.

                                                            (Force Jump demonstrated)

 Galen can both advance his lightsabre or telekinesis attacks, dodge incoming objects or long to mid range attacks , or reach certain areas in height or distance in either pursuit or retreat. Though certainly not turning him into the Flash, Galen's agility is going to be something his oppeants has to look out for throughout out this battle, as one moment of hesitation may give Galen to land the finishing blow. 

Regeneration Powers: Force Healing

A power mastered by some Jedi (as well as other Light Side users), Force Healing helps to speed up the natural healing process of some species in order to return them to full health and abilities. Users with a strong grasp of this ability can heal minor to moderate wounds, such as cuts, scrapes, light blaster fire, and broken bones. Galen, having been brought up by the Dark Side, has very little training in this field of Force powers, even after his conversion to the Light Side.
Jedi healing herself.
Plus, such a technique, even for a Master Healer, takes precious time and concentration even to heal the smallest of wounds, two things Galen will not have if Alex as gotten that close to him already. And even more, injuries inflicted by some of Alex's even more devious attacks, such as a spike to the chest, will not be able to be healed in anytime that would allow someone to finish Galen off.

 This is better an ability to be used during a tactical advantage rather then in the midst of battle.

Misc. Abilities and Powers: Force Sense, Foresight, Force Stealth, Telekinesis (defensive), Mind Trick.

Force Sense: The Force can enhance a users senses, such has sight, hearing, and touch, to a much higher level of  detail  to that of a regular being. As well, Force Sense allows the user to sense a unseen enemy from a close to far distance away. This is particularly useful against a stealthy enemy or sniper.

Jedi sensing an enemy from behind

Galen may find this useful when fighting an enemy who has experience in sneak attacks and ambushes. This will also increase his ability to locate someone at a farther distance or in a concealed or dark environment. 

Foresight: A power Galen struggled with before his conversion to the Light Side, Foresight gives the Force user the ability to look briefly into their future, seeing an opponents next move seconds later, the effects of a fight hours later, or vast visions of ones life hundreds or thousands of years later.
Foresight in action

Force Stealth: By decreasing ones presence in the Force, a Force user can be almost undetectable by enemies, while still staying visible to the naked eye. Galen used this power lightly on certain missions where he could go unheard or not sensed by any surrounding enemy.
Force Stealth 

Telekinesis (defensive): As mentioned before in the offensive section, telekinesis can be used for both attacking and defending. If being bombarded by a hail of heavy or fast moving objects, Galen can check such objects in mid-air to either drop them or return to thrower (Alex). The size, weight, and speed of these objects all factor in the level of concentration needed to catch them, and the clever Alex may throw a large object that would require Galen to use full concentration to stop, leaving him open to a Groundspike or a close range attack. Though a double sided sword, using telekinesis for defense will aid Galen in stopping a lot of deadly attacks pulled off by Alex.

Mind Trick: Used by the Jedi to find peaceful conflict resolutions, as while as the Sith to insight fear and weakness into a enemy, the Mind Trick, particularly Persuasion, allows the user to mentally effect an enemy into believing a certain idea or certain though. Galen used such powers to trick guards into letting pass or causing them to fall asleep. Against large forces, he used it to cause chaos and disorder to split up the flanks more easily. Against more tougher enemy, he used it to turn on their own allies as well jump to their own deaths in order to avoid fighting.
"Jedi" Mind Trick

Against certain races and stronger Force users, the Mind Trick has little effect, meaning this skill has to be used wisely by Galen if he uses it as a last resort.

Victim of Mind Trick


Tactics: Straight Forward Tactician, Close Range emphasis, Adapts well to new opponents.

Galen employed pretty straight forward tactics on many of his missions, focusing primarily on offense to take out a target as quickly as possible. Neglecting the location or number of foes, Galen would nearly always charge straight at an enemy, a strategy that almost met his end on many encounters. Despite this, Galen was almost always able to adapt quickly to a situation, over powering enemies with different weapons for fighting styles. An example of such foe is Maris Brood, a fallen female Jedi who used twin Lightsabre tonfa and Force Cloak, which made her a very diverse fighter that took even Galen some trouble to defeat.

Thought his tactics were simple, they were still very effective thanks to Galen's fighting skill. Upon fighting Stormtroopers on many occasions, none could beat Galen's emphasis on closing in and ripping a target to shreds with his lightsabre. Being confident in his own abilities, Galen risked his life again and again to choose close range melee over just as effective Force powers.

Motivation: Vengeance against the (Sith) Empire, Self Redemption, Juno Eclipse

Galen's ultimate enemy.

Thought converted to the Light Side, Galen still felt hatred (more of pity) for his former master Darth Vader, and how he was a slave to both the Sith and the Galactic Empire. If getting through Alex means getting to the Sith, Galen will not hesatite to fight him, which may indeed come back and hurt him in the end.

As well, Galen wishes to redeem himself for all the evils he committed for the Sith. As redemption fuels a Light users passion, Galen may find a rise to his own personal power and Force limits, which may give him the extra 'kick' to push through his enemy.

Finally, his omitted love for Juno Eclipse, his personal pilot and one of his few human allies, will also fuel Galen's passion and joy, which through the Light side will give Force energy even more powerful than his previous Darkside motivations.

A girl worth fighting for.

All these motivations will drive Galen to keep on fighting through his battle against Alex, with nearly nothing causing him to turn back or turn down, but like all motivations, all of these can be manipulated in favour of a clever oppeant if they wish to do so.

Training: Sith Training, Holodroid PROXY

Galen was trained since childhood to become a powerful Sith warrior. He learned to master lightsabre skills and Force powers personally under Dart Vader, once the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. Sith training required both intensive physical conditioning as well as sacrificing all of ones emotions, safe for fear and hatred. This training would later contradict Galen's later use of the Light Side, which taught him the very opposite, though this had little effect on his fighting skills.

Another important part of Galen's training was his holodroid PROXY. This droid was able to replicate a certain opponent fighting style and physique in order to give Galen a variety of challenges to cement his skills. Galen was able to defeat holographic replicates of Obi Wan-Kenobi, Dath Maul, and Qui-Gon Jinn, all once powerful lightsabre duellist.

PROXY"S power was limited to lightsabre training, and could no begin to help Galen train with anything outside of Lightsabre users, as well as anything outside the Star Wars universe.
Though short and limited compared to others before him, Galen's training turned him into one of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy, and  defiantly helps against any opponent he faces.

Martial Arts: Expert Duellist, Forms Juyo, Shien and Sorseu lightsabre combat, limited hand to hand.

Galen was a supreme Martial artist with lightsabre skills unmatched by few. His raw fighting skills brought him victory again and again against large groups of Stormtroopers or expert Jedi/Sith. His three most powerful forms of lightsabre combat were Juyo, which used swift, vicious attacks, Shien, which taught close range defence and incorporated Galen's infamous reverse grip, and Sorseu, which was developed to deflect blaster fire.

Galen's near mastery of all three of these forms made him very versatile against his opponents. His style of Shien was rapid and precise, allowing him to clear out weak opponents quickly, while his skills with Sorseu was able to defend him against more experience fighters.

While not a considerable part of Sith training, Galen did incorporate some hand to hand combat in his duels, primarily punches and kicks opposite lightsabre strikes. 

Experience: Limited in time and variety

Galen had really only a few years of actual combat experience, and most of his fights were against opponents with similar weapons and style as his. Galen has a major lack of opponents with skills in long range projectiles and powers equal and not more powerful than what the Force grants. This leaves him vulnerable to many opponents who employ abilities he has never seen before, meaning he'll have to rely more on skill than strategy.

Terrain Manipulation: Low-Medium 

Galen's missions, ether from Darth Vader or himself, brought him tom any different planet systems with many different environments.  His preferred terrain was an open area to take advantage of his lightsabre skills, though he did find more closed off areas helpful in order to evade blaster fire or escape to higher ground. While clever in some of his terrain exploits, he failed to use his surroundings to the best of his abilities, which will rank him low in this section.

Weaknesses: Prone to Rage, Unsure of Himself

Thought converted to the Light Side, Galen has let his anger get the best of him on multiple occasions. While rage seems to increase his power levels for a short time, it also decreases his logical thinking, leaving open to mistakes and tiring him out after a long time. Galen may rage if personally insulted or if an opponent seems to difficult for him.

Galen also lacks some self confidence, not always believing he can achieve a certain goal or understand something about his life. If the after effects of rage kick in, Galen may be too emotionality unstable to continue the fight effectively.