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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Galen Marek vs. Atrocitus: The Edges

The Edges:

                 An alternative theme for Galen. The tone of the music and some of Galen and Ike's   
       similarities seemed just about right for me to include this.

                             An alternative theme for Atrocitus. The violence and pain in the song seem to go pretty well with the leader of the Red Lanterns.

With both Galen Mareks' and Atrocitus' Warroir bios being completed, it is now time to decided which warrior gets the l 'edge' or advantage in each category:

Long Range: Force Grip vs. Energy Projection

Galen's long range attack gives him two great advantages over Atrocitus. First, it is one of his only powers that can neutralize his opponents flight abilities, and second it is undodgable for the most part. Once in the Grip, Atrocitus is helpless unless he can somehow break free or distract Galen in someway to release him. Galen would want to use this power early in the fight to get Atrocitus down to the ground where he (Galen) is more suited fighting. Even a well placed Crush or Choke might take Atrocitus out pretty early.

That said, Atrocitus' Energy Projection is going to be Galen's biggest problem in the fight. Though it is easier to see coming and dodge it, the punch it packs is very deadly to Galen, with a single shot being lethal. As well, Atrocitus can use it at multiple ranges as well, giving Galen even less of chance to evade. Force projection might stop a beam at long range, but unless Galen can Foresight, anything shot at less than 20 ft. would be too fast for him to react.

Looking at what both powers can do to each, Atrocitus wouldn't be to bad off without his use of flight if Galen grounded him, plus he could shrug off a Choke unless Galen draws from the Dark Side more, which wouldn't be something he would do early in the fight. While Atrocitus would want to prolong the fight to a degree, he wouldn't sigh away from killing Galen off early  on.

Given each warriors power and how they would yield them, I give the edge to Atrocitus' Energy Projection.

Edge: Energy Projection 

Medium Range: Lightsabre Throw vs. Rage Plasma

Neither of these attacks would be effective against each opposing warrior. The lightsabre throw might work the first time if Galen can catch AT off guard or hold him prone with the Grip, but AT wouldn't be fouled again and would aim to destroy the sabre in mid-throw. The Rage Plasma is more random, slightly less predicable, and would probably be countered by Galen pretty easy, even being sent back at AT using Force Throw.

The only warrior with a true disadvantage here in Marek, who would lose his most powerful weapon if he uses this ability improperly. That said, it's still an overall better attack than the Rage Plasma, so I would call both attacks even in the long run.

Edge: Neither 

Close Range: Lightsabre vs. Claws

It's quite easy to see Galen with a landslide victory here, given that he's been training to master one weapon his entire life and has outmatch some of the finest duellist in his realm. Atrocitus still has some counters to GM lightsabre though. The sabre wouldn't be able to get through his shields or barriers, plus he can spawn his own 'lightsword' to counter such a threat. Still, close range is somewhere AT does NOT want to be in. A few swipe with his claws could leave GM hindered enough for a finishing blow, but this would only happen rarely as Galen would just dominate up close with AT.

While the Red Lantern might be able to hold his own for a few moments, Galen defiantly gets a strong close range edge with a weapon that would leave AT in pieces.

Edge: Lightsabre

Special Attacks: Force Powers vs. Constructs

To simplify things, I've grouped each warriors powers into two groups that represent different aspects of these style attacks.

Holds: GM (Force Pull, Force Choke, Force Crush)  AT (Chains)

Galen's use of holds will vary, as he might use them passively to retrieve his sabre, or more aggressively to hold AT down. The Choke and the Crush he would use, but not to the lethal effect of a Dark user. AT's use of the chains would also be used more of a ways to torture GM that to kill, though they defiantly would be able to crush him.

I give Galen the edge in holds simply because of his versatility with them.

Mini Edge: Galen

Attacks: GM (Force Push, Force Throw, Force Repulse, Force Lighting) AT (Whip, Fist, Hammer, Thrown Objects, Blade, Misc.)

In this section, almost none of Galen's powers would be enough to kill AT instantly, save a powerful shot of Lighting. The Push, Throw, and Repulse would be enough to slow him down, but not enough to kill him. AT's Whip, Fist, and Hammer would all be lethal if they hit, unless Galen can block or dodge in time. Thrown objects would be more of a toss up between the two, though I can see Galen being able to control more things than AT can. The Blade could counter the Lightsabre, though would probably lead to AT's doom if he chooses it early on. 

The biggest factor is who can be most creative and devastating in their attacks. AT would probably stick to the attacks he feels deals the most damage, while Galen might play around more with the Force to find an appropriate counter to AT. Under these circumstances, I would give both warriors a mini edge here, seeing that they can both use their powers to the upmost ability. 

Mini Edge: Both!

Overall Edge: A very hard thing to decide. AT has more devastating attacks, though is less prone to use a variety of constructions. Galen's powers are more passive and more tactical, though could be limited to what he has at hand. Neither one are easy to block or counter, and both can be exchanged at the same range and rate.

Taking everything into account, I would give the slightest edge to Galen, on the account that he'll use his powers more often and to full extent than AT.

Edge: Force Powers





Regenerative Powers:

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Terrain Manipulation:


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